Wicked Sexy

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Something magic this way comes…

Meet the Magians. An ancient race of witches who live among humans. Each family has unique powers, unusual mating habits and…in the case of the Abbotts, a soft spot for one lucky woman.

There is a word that I am beginning to associate with author Alexander… fire.
             “hot ménage with a touch of mystery”
                               “Wicked Sexy, the title says it all”
***Kindle Bestseller     ***ARe Bestseller
Callie has always known the Abbotts were different, but they’re also her second family. Harrison is her best friend, Tucker is her life-long crush, and their brother, Tyghe? A magical pain in her backside.
When the Magians need her human perspective to solve a mystery, she doesn’t hesitate. Especially since it means getting everything she ever wanted. A chance to be one of them, to have magic, even if it’s only temporary.
Callie expected to be dazzled by her first glimpse into their world, but the bone-melting desire between her and the two Abbott brothers isn’t part of the plan. Nor is the decades-old secret that makes her the target of a killer…