One Wild Finn

One Wild Finn

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Written in Mari Carr’s Wild Irish World.

Bronte Wayne and William Finn’s Story.

It all started with a dare. And a wedding. Liquor was involved…

William Finn and Bronte Wayne have nothing in common—unless you count their families, which seem more entwined every day. Oh, and that pesky little issue of them being married.

 Bronte is the responsible sister. The plain Wayne. Though her biological clock is not so much ticking as counting down, she’s not the type to get married on a whim. At least, not to an Irish brawler who takes nothing seriously—and is seventeen years her junior.

 His American cousins may think William took advantage of Bronte, but nothing could be farther from the truth. From the moment they met, the curvy charge nurse made him want to fight for a future and family of his own—with her. But his past and her doubts keep getting in the way.

 The Finn, Wayne and Collins clans have matchmakers and meddlers to spare, but in the end it’ll be up to Bronte to do the responsible thing—the mature thing. Or take a chance and risk her heart on one wild Finn.