Not In Kansas

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Gliders and Wizards and Sex Droids…

Oh My!

Not in Kansas blew me away!”
          “This isn’t the OZ I remember”
                       “A fast paced, sexy erotic romance”
Kansas Frayne has everything he needs. Except a life—and love. A freak storm changes all that when it hurls him into the darkness. He wakes up to find he’s been thrust into a world of promiscuous and directionally challenged beings, sensually sentient water and servants created solely to fulfill any imaginable fantasy.The sexuality he’s long denied is tested to its limits, especially when a darkly erotic wizard issues the ultimate challenge. If Kansas wants to go home, he must fulfill one task. Resist the allure of the unbearably beautiful king.Sounds easy enough.Until he gets a look at the golden monarch. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and Kansas quickly realizes this is a challenge he is doomed to fail. Yet he has to try.Before he loses his heart.Warning: Gratuitous and barely veiled references to a classic fairytale. Graphic Male/Male scenes. Androgynous pleasure droids. I’d say we’re not in Kansas anymore, but,well, you’ll see.
Two members of the Equus Clan and their new foal bowed and finished their royal audience, leaving an opening for the next in line. In that moment, Kansas got his first look at the king.Holy Lord, the man was gorgeous. To Kansas it seemed that the floor dropped out from beneath him, his heart pounding loud in his ears as he saw his every-fantasy-rolled-into-one stand to greet the family of snooty Gliders.He had the same golden skin as the others, but packaged so beautifully it was impossible to look away. As tall as Lenard and just as broad and well muscled. Only he wasn’t covered with fur, which to Kansas was a definite plus.He wore a long crimson and silver skirt, a circlet of silver around his clean-shaven head, and nothing else. Kansas had the sudden urge to run his fingers over that scalp, to see if it was as smooth as it looked.His bare chest was peppered with small scars and piercings. The sheer masculinity of it took his breath away. Kansas leaned closer, determined to hear the king’s low murmur over the drumbeat in his head.And promptly stumbled into the Glider in front of him, toppling her over in a squawking, ungainly heap at the feet of His Royal Hotness.“This was the surprise I was telling you about, Your Majesty”Kansas heard the wry tone in the wizard’s voice. Surprise.


“Get it off of me! Get it off of me!” Kansas scrambled off the pile of feathers and silk, more to escape the shrieking bird banshee than out of politeness. Honestly he was a little insulted. He’d been called an “it” more times in the last twenty-four hours than he cared to remember. It was starting to piss him off.

“It apologizes for falling on you, feathers. Please excuse it.” Kansas thought he was speaking low enough not to be heard over her squawks, but the surprised shot of laughter from the dais told him otherwise.

His eyes clashed with the dark whiskey of the king’s gaze, pleasantly surprised to see the humor sparkling there. Kansas watched as he reached out to help the Glider back to her feet, his expression morphing into one of compassionate understanding.

“Lady Livania, you are, as ever, everything that is gracious and lovely. Please accept my congratulations on your daughter’s match, and allow me to offer the new bride a gift of two of my finest gryfs and enough grain to feed her husband’s family for the season.”

“But—oh, well I mean—yes, thank you, Your Highness. How generous!” The Glider was still flushed with embarrassment, but under the glowing approval of the king, she could do no more than bow and follow her family away from the dais.

Kansas hesitated. He knew it was his turn to step forward, but suddenly he wasn’t sure what to do. He swallowed past a throat gone suddenly dry, his heart racing at having the king’s undivided attention.

If he followed his instincts, he’d be drawn and quartered. He didn’t imagine the armed guards nearby would take too kindly with a stranger throwing their king over his own throne and fucking him senseless. And yet, that was all Kansas could think of doing. The wizard had turned him on. But the king threw his entire world out of kilter, and he hadn’t even said hello.

Luckily the king seemed to be suffering the same malady, and didn’t notice Kansas’s breach in court etiquette. One powerful step down and he was there, close enough to touch. Kansas hardly dared to breathe as his intense, unblinking gaze covered every inch of his body before returning to study his face.

The king circled him like a jungle cat stalking its prey. Kansas glanced up helplessly at the wizard. He was supposed to say no to this Adonis? Z’s nod was adamant. Kansas sighed. And it was in that moment that the last minute possibility of this being only a dream faded away. His subconscious wasn’t this cruel.

“I know every clan in my kingdom, and my realm is vast.”

The king leaned down to murmur in Kansas’s ear. He shuddered at the hot breath on his neck.

“But I have never seen anything like you in all my life.”

The king stepped back and turned to Z with a nod. The wizard held up his hands and the curious murmurs went silent in an instant. “The king will receive no more on this day.”

There was no question of obedience. Within moments only two others remained—Fenna and Lenard. The guards stepped toward them, their unusual staff-like weapons at the ready.

“Wait! They’re with me.” Kansas rushed over, intent on protecting them. “Z, tell them.”

“Z, huh? Just how well do you know my surprise, old friend?” Kansas glanced over his shoulder in time to see the king wave his guards away.

The wizard smirked. “Not half as well as I’d like, Your Majesty. These two found him in the forest at the edge of the city. They protected him and ensured his safe arrival to the palace.”

“Found?” The king jumped on the word, his curiosity easy to see. His eyes narrowed on Kansas. “Were you lost?”

His throat was closing again, but Fenna and Lenard’s hands resting supportively on his shoulders helped. “Me? Um, okay. This is going to sound so strange…” He rolled his eyes at his own rambling. His only excuse was that all his blood had left his brain for southern exposure as soon as he had laid eyes on the masculine monarch. “My name is Kansas. Kansas Frayne. I was brought by a storm. From Iowa? That’s in the United States…on Earth… So, yeah, you could say I was lost.”

The king’s brow furrowed. “Eye-Oh-Wa? Earth?” His nostrils flared, eyes widening as he took a step back.

“He is a human left by the storm. Naked as a babe when we found him. And we are witness to the fact that he is unique.”

Kansas glared at the winking Fenna. She wasn’t helping. And of course, once she’d opened that door, Lenard could not be left out. His dark eyes took on a glazed sheen as they focused on his crotch. “Pale as cream.”

Oh Lord.