My Vampire Idol

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Book 3 in the Shifting Reality Series is finally here!

 Reality bites…again.

Mac is dead, grumpy and sick of social media. The vampire thought a couple of roommates would help distract him from an eternity of boredom. Instead, they created Shifting Reality, became an overnight sensation and managed to get Mac into serious trouble with his own kind.

Roommates suck.

Rose is a half-demon bounty hunter with five evil sisters and one last job standing between her and freedom. But the instant she hears Mac sing and gets a look at the brooding ginger hunk, turning him in suddenly seems less important than getting her own private taste of him. Too bad her sisters don’t agree.

Sisters suck.

Fortunately for Rose…Mac bites

Warning: Lots of sex, some more sex (Rose is half succubus) A little more sex, a contagious case of the hormones, some spanking and handcuffs and a return of a few favorite characters. Have fun and keep your hands inside the car at all times.