The Finn Factor, Book 1


Are you Curious?

Jeremy Porter is. Though the bisexual comic book artist has known Owen Finn for most of his life—long enough to know that he is terminally straight—he can’t help but imagine what things would be like if he weren’t.

 Owen is far from vanilla—as a dominant in the local fetish community, he sees as much action as Jeremy does. Lately even more.

Since Jeremy isn’t into collars and Owen isn’t into men, it seems like his fantasies will remain just that forever…until one night when Owen gets curious.

Warning: Contains explicit m/m nookie. A lot of it. Very detailed. Two men getting kinky, talking dirty and doing the horizontal mambo. Are you reading this? Do you see them on the cover? Guy parts will touch. You have been warned.

The Finn Factor Series
(for the reader who enjoys variety)
Book 1: Curious (m/m)
Book 2: Scandalous (m/f)
Book 3: Dangerous (m/m)
Book 4: Ravenous (m/f/m)
Book 5: Shameless (?)


“So she talks about what I do at the club? With you?”

“It’s Tasha, man,” Jeremy reassured him softly. “And it’s me. Don’t get all ‘What happens in Fight Club’ on me. I’m not judging.”

Torture chamber stuff sounds like judging. You shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Owen paused. “Have you? Any of your threesomes gone beyond the usual bedroom play? Anyone want to tie you up or spank you? Don’t tell me Tasha’s never asked.”

This was not the right conversation to get his mind off of sex. “She hasn’t, and neither has anyone else. No one would dare. You’re both aware that’s not my thing, but you know my motto. Whatever turns you on is good by me.”

“That was my motto until a few weeks ago,” Owen muttered.

Damn it.

“So we are going to talk about it.” Jeremy tried to play it nonchalant, feeling anything but. “This is me, officially apologizing. We should’ve locked the door, I know. But I don’t think we scarred you for life, did we? I mean, you chain women to crosses and mark them up with a tool chest full of kink for fun. All I do is—”

“Fuck men while Tasha watches.”

Jeremy ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah, well, I do that when she doesn’t watch too. I also fuck other women on occasion. I’ve got an equal-opportunity dick. It takes all comers.”


He narrowed his gaze on Owen. “If I crossed a line with Natasha without knowing it, if you’re planning on seriously pursuing her, I’ll back off. I’m not trying to take anything from you. You know I would never do that.”

Owen shook his head, an expression of frustration crossing his handsome face. “No. I mean, yes, it’s never been a secret that I wanted her. Everybody wants her. Even you. Hell, even my brothers—well, you’d have to be a eunuch not to. But she has her own play partners and no interest in dating me. She knows her own mind, and the last thing I’d ever do is warn you away. She’d kick my ass or get her grandmother in Puerto Rico to curse my manhood—which is a threat she’s used on me more than once. Believe it or not, she isn’t the problem.”

Now Jeremy was confused. He’d been so sure he was right. “You can tell me the truth. It’s obvious seeing her with me rattled you. If you ask my opinion, I think you could win her over if you—”

“Just stop,” Owen bit out forcefully. “This isn’t about her, damn it. It’s about you.”

Jeremy’s head jerked back in surprise. “Me? What about me?”

“Hell.” Owen swallowed, his blue eyes going dark. “You’re going to make me spell it out. Fine.”

He took a step toward Jeremy, yanking the beer out of his hand and setting it on the counter.

“Owen, what the fuck?”

He was standing so close Jeremy could feel his body heat, feel his breath on his cheek as he spoke. “You want to know what I was thinking about today? What got me hard while my birthday present was jiggling her giant tits in my face? That night. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the three of you in that room.”

“Is that what’s been bothering you? Seriously? That’s…that’s normal, Owen,” Jeremy assured him softly, trying not to show any outward reaction to his words. “No man’s dick is immune to a live porn show. Threesomes are hot and we’re visual creatures. It’s the nature of the beast. It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

“Trying to reassure the nervous heterosexual?” Owen chuckled roughly. “That’s sweet. Is it normal that Tasha was nearly naked with her legs spread invitingly, but you were the one I couldn’t stop looking at? That I keep hearing what that guy said about you when you…”

His words faded and he stepped back, his gaze dropping again to Jeremy’s now snug jeans. “Did you like it? Having him beg for you like that? Is that why you didn’t stop when you saw me?”