Big Bad John

Big Bad John

Book 1 in the Bigger in Texas series

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You know when you open a book with R.G.’s name on the cover you are opening a dirty-licious bit of greatness, but I think she out did herself with Big Bad John. ~Rated a True Gem at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip…

 Trudy Adams never planned on going home again. Not to that sleepy little Texas town where everyone knew her business and thought she was trouble. She ran away to California years ago, and now, after what has felt like a lifetime of struggling, her lucky break might finally be around the corner.

 And then she got that email.

 John Brown has been waiting patiently for Trudy to return, but his patience has run out. He’s had years to think about all the things he wants to do to her, and he’s willing to use her concern for her brother, her desire to help her best friend get her story, and every kinky fantasy Trudy has to show her who she belongs to.

 The explosive chemistry between them is unmistakable. But will history and geography be obstacles they can’t overcome? When Trouble makes a two-week deal with Big Bad…anything can happen.

Warning: READ THIS! BDSM, explicit sex, voyeurism, accidental voyeurism, voyeurism OF voyeurism with a sprinkle of m/m, exhibitionism, ropes, cuffs, gratuitous spanking, skinny dipping, irresponsible use of pervertables…and a big, dirty man who will melt your heart.